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Sadhna began in 1988 as an income generation project under Seva Mandir, a developmental organization in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. The intent of this project was to provide an alternative means of livelihood and income augmentation for the women of rural, tribal and urban slums of the region who were struggling because of draught conditions. In 2004 Sadhna registered itself as an independent entity.

Having started with a small group of 15 women who were trained in the skills of appliqué and ‘tanka’ embroidery, today Sadhna family has grown to 639 women artisans across 13 locations in 7 villages in the Udaipur, Rajasthan. The main objective of Sadhna has been to create a sustainable and independent world for its artisan members. The steps they took towards this objective include:

  • Artisans of SadhnaProviding artisan members continuous work and a regular source of income
  • Conducting skill development training and design development workshops on a regular basis so that these artisans can develop new designs based on latest trends, doing so along with the organization building brand and identity for Sadhna products
  • Implementing various government run benefit schemes such as medical and life insurance, educational scholarships, etc. for artisans and their families thus helping them building a secure future in terms of health, children's education, and family security
  • Introduced various safety net or social security mechanisms through which each artisan member is a part of the Government's Provident Fund and pension scheme that ensuring some savings at the time of retirement along with a regular income flow after retirement
  • Besides these, Sadhna provides regular access to an eye check-up facility, emergency loans and small grants to the artisans in times of need
  • Encouraging artisans towards economic and social development both, consequently, enhancing their confidence and self esteem

With Sadhna’s support these artisan members have earned a significant financial and social independence and a status within their family and society. All their women artisans are shareholder members of the organization and have their representation at various levels of decision making. They are also shareholders of the annual surplus that is generated by the organization. Sadhna is a member of the Indian Fair Trade Forum (IFTF).